Bondage Massage:  "My visits with Natasha have been amazing!  She takes charge as I step into her private office but makes me feel completely safe and comfortable with her manner.  My first visit was an erotic massage.  WOW!  That’s one I’ll never forget!  She is a professional in every way!  I can’t wait for my next session!”
Mike H., 8/14/17
"I have seen Mistress a couple times. She does an excellent job of finding my limits without going too far. She is both cruel at times and sensual as a good Dominatrix should be. Does an excellent job of making it hurt without injuring. Mistress makes an effort to change things up from session to session to make sure things don't seem routine. She has a nice variety of implements in her dungeon and makes sure everything is clean and covered when it should be.”
Sub will, 2/10/17
"The time I spent with Mistress Natasha was some of the best  time I have ever experienced!  She was in tune to the scene, it was like she was reading my mind, then adding some surprises!!  She pushed my limits in a safe and exciting way!! During our role playing time she was always in sync with my wildest fantasies! I can't wait to see her again, and again and again!!
Sub J, 10/3/16
"Thank you for the meeting the other is nice when the high expectations I had before meeting you are exceeded...I loved the fact you were in total control from start to the end, and the enjoyment you showed in the whole time we spent are truly special in many ways."
 Sub pat, 5/21/16
"After years of wanting to explore my submissive nature and searching for the right Domme, I discovered more than I could have ever imagined with Mistress Natasha. Mistress commanded not only my body, actions and words but also my mind. Still days later, my brain is caught up processing my phenomenal experience with Mistress Natasha. I am already anticipating my next opportunity to serve."
 Sub rob, 5/9/16
"I had my first experience with a pro-domme yesterday.  I met with Mistress Natasha and everything went exactly as expected.  She was in control and that was very clear from the moment I walked in the door and she began with the instructions.  She really paid attention to my checklist I filled out for her which included my fantasies and limits.  There are still items on my fantasy list and I have no doubt that we will get to those with additional meetings.  Well, if Mistress Natasha wants to that is!"
 Sub austin, 4/11/16
"I arrived at Mistress Natasha's place for a foot worship session. She has perfect size 11 feet that are perfectly pedicured. It was an intense experience. She is unlike any other Domme I have met. She is a great conversationalist and has a wonderful personality, but at the same time very dominant. I will be back to see her again soon. I highly recommend Mistress Natasha."
 Slave todd, 1/1/16
 I enjoyed meeting you and immensely enjoyed our session!  The whole session was one highlight after another although I particularly enjoyed the panties across my nose! It was unexpected and very erotic!"
 Sub ed, 10/16/2015
“I found Mistress Natasha to be a very accommodating superior Woman.  She listens well to your fantasies and needs and incorporates them into your session.  She's friendly to deal with but once into the session, she is a dominating force.  I realized that when I was on my knees within seconds and crawling to her beautiful feet.  She knows how to make a man beg for his job.  She had me begging, and then groveling, and then kissing her shoes and thanking her for keeping me as her foot slave.  I was entirely satisfied with my session.”
 Sub don, 10/13/2015
"I met Ms. Natasha last summer on a short visit to Charlottesville. We had a long email conversation before we set up a meeting. She was very patient with me since I had tons of questions. When one gives oneself completely to someone else, it is very important to establish a mutual trust. We started the session with a kidnapping scenario which was very exciting. She has been very gentle and understanding throughout the session. She was caring about my well-being which was extremely important. I was exploring different aspects of the lifestyle and she was very helpful. I probably had the longest strap-on experience ever and I could even go for hours. I wish I was living in Charlottesville so that I could beg to be her real life slave. I would gladly  accept even if she just allows me to  run her errands, do her house chores."
 Slave y, 10/4/2015
“Dear Mistress Natasha,                                                                                               Your punishment and role-play was so perfect.  The enema instantly put me into subspace.  The pain of the paddle and whip, blended with my state of eroticism, all I felt was love.  It was so exciting being under your total control, as you continued my servitude with your instruments of sensory play.  It was unbelievable, in my blindfolded and helpless state.  If you will have me, I will see you soon again."
 Your submissive - G, 9/25/2015